New Depression Medication leaves Tired Old Principles behind for a Brand New Approach

A depressed state of mind often brings other problems along for the ride: a situation that make it no fun at all to be depressed. Statistically speaking, sleep disturbances happen to be one of the most reliable kinds of depression “accessories” you’re ever likely to hear of. People who are depressed, often have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, and then staying awake through the day. Depression medication has always been the main depression treatment strategy that doctors have depended on for decades. Depression medication usually helps a person overcome his depression by giving the brain’s levels of chemicals and hormones,healthy diet tips (serotonin being among them), a makeover.
how to weight loss
More and more today, doctors and researchers are becoming aware of how the sleep disorder connection in depressive illnesses for long has been quite ignored. The latest in depression medication works on the theory that a problem with the body’s internal clock could have something to do with a person’s descent into gloom.

One of the first suspects that’s come up in this investigation has been a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is something the brain releases as soon as it becomes dark outside. It’s obviously something that helps us keep track of how the day progresses. Our ability to sleep and wake at the right times of the day depend in large part on how well our brain respond to cues around it through the day to raise and drop the levels of melatonin in the system. When those levels go wrong though, we can find ourselves energetic at 3 AM and incredibly sleepy when everyone else is gearing up for a hard day at work exercise to lose weight. Luckily, there are melatonin supplements, over-the-counter ones too, that help you supplement your body’s supply of melatonin when your brain seems to be sleeping on the job.

What doctors are trying to figure out here is, if a mutually causative relationship might exist between depression and sleep problems. If depression always causes sleep problems, could sleep problems cause depression as well? In other words, if you took care of the one, with the other go away as well? Research published in the medical journal Lancet suggests that the current philosophy on depression medication should try to move over to something that is melatonin based. A drug called Valdoxan that works on this principle is already sold in Europe and Australia. It’s supposed to improve dopamine levels in the brain.

Valdoxan helps you be happier in the way, Prozac does. The wonderful thing about this drug though is that it brings you the effects of Prozac without any of the side-effects. In other words, it makes you happy with no price to pay. The drug hasn’t yet arrived in America. But there are clinical trials in place.

How to make “I asadillo”


At this time of year the smell of some peppers roasting in the oven gives a pleasant feeling warm and cozy home. Especially when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, which is exactly what is happening now. We take four roasting peppers and make another Mancha recipes from my mother, asadillo. It was time, I had totally abandonadito blog.


. 4 red peppers

. 1 kg of tomatoes

. 2 eggs

. 1 clove garlic

. Cumin (1 teaspoon)

. Sugar (1 tablespoon)

. Salt

. Olive oil

. 1 small glass of water


First we set the oven to 200 ° C, wash the peppers and place them in a bowl in the oven. You have to watch them occasionally and give some back so that it does not burn the skin too much pepper, although we are then going to remove. I take them out of the oven when I see are cuddly and skin starts to peel the flesh without problem when touched with tweezers. Are left to warm a bit and then they remove the skin, seeds and cut into strips. The liquid released the roasted peppers must be booked for inclusion in the preparation of the recipe.

While we put the peppers in the oven, prepare a pot with water, salt and two eggs boil for about 10 minutes from the moment they start to boil. After this time we put in a little cold water, then peel and booked too.

Peel a kilo of tomatoes, grind in a blender and dump them in a pan where we preheated a little oil. The fry over medium heat for fifteen minutes. Rarely happens, but if left without liquid can be added a little water to continue boiling time. Then join the peppers to the pan, along with their juice (which we booked when grilled) and everything is held together, this time over low heat for another fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, in a mortar a clove of garlic, cumin and salt is maja. A small cup of water is added mashed, mix well and pour over casserole. Add the tablespoon of sugar and let cook another five minutes. We turn off the heat and add a big splash of olive oil but do not remove the pot and ends to make a little more heat.

This last step is homegrown my mother because she likes to play down a bit crude oil flavor. The truth is that his mother, my grandmother Concha, removed the pot from the heat and then I added the dash of oil. I guess this is the right way to do it, matter of taste.

It is usually served cold, with over hard egg. A Libo really likes sardines in Cuba as the manchego asadillo is a good accompaniment to fish.

Reference : Bubur Ayam Bandung

Classification of lamb cuts and ages


Extra Category:. The chines, also known as rack of about 4 Kg about the percentage is 39 percent of the total weight of the carcass.

First Category: here we find the legs, also known as gigots, which are the most succulent lamb pieces, and whose performance in kitchen is high: 1.5 kilograms and a percentage of 27 percent of the total weight of the carcass.

Second Category: this place is the shoulder, which is more juicy than the leg, approximately 1 kg weight, the percentage is 18% of the channel..

Third Category: here we include the less noble parts of lamb for his appearance, but of great importance in the culinary use for soups or stews, and are: chest and skirt, with an approximate weight is 800 grams and percentages is the 8% of the canal, and neck, the approximate weight is 750 grams and its percentage is 7% of the carcass.

Suckling Lamb: When has not stopped breastfeeding and age does not exceed 6 weeks. Its weight is about 8 kilos. Their meat has a pale pink, almost white and very little fat.

Lamb recental: When you have not yet grazed. Should not exceed 4 months old and has a maximum weight of 13 kilos.

Lamb: lamb of a breed of Aragon which is sacrificed with an age between 70 and 90 días.Su carcass weight is around 8.5 and 11, 5 kilos of weight

Kid: The goat breeding has not yet grazed. In Extremadura their upbringing is brave. Their meat is lean, whole and very aromatic.

Purchase and maintenance

Lamb meat is tender, flavorful and very tender when it is at its optimum freshness. When you buy must look to have

white and deep fat
brown meat
mild, pleasant odor
reddish pink color
kidney wrapped in a thick layer of fat
In the refrigerator, it is stored in the coldest part of 2-4 days. You can also freeze. Large chunks, at -18 ° C, stored at 6 and 9 months. The chops should not be stored for more than 4 months in the freezer.

Tips to start a car rental business

Doing business car rental does have a good prospect and quite promising. However, some employers have to many car rental out of business when they start a business by buying a new car with a credit system.

In fact, if calculated, buy new mobi credit system does require a small cost. Not to mention if the start the car rental business that is not accompanied by good marketing system, the company might not be able to pay car payments every month.
This is what often makes interest those who want to do business in the field of car rental become shriveled. And if you want to think and creative, there are surefire tips to start the car rental business with very little cost.

You may ask, how can you start a car rental business with very little capital.

Though you might also think that renting a car means you have to have a car when we arbitrarily know that the price of the car is not cheap. So how can you start a Sewa Mobil Solo business with a small fee?

Here are tips to start the car rental business with small capital.

a. Establish relationships with your colleagues who have a car
If you currently do not have a car, then you do not need to worry. You can collaborate with people who have a car, be it a friend or perhaps your colleagues.

In this partnership, you can make a deal to be able to share the results of renting the car rental. Usually the benefits you can get up to 30% every time you managed to get the consumer.

b. Make cards
Once you get a relationship with people who are willing to cooperate with you, then the next step you should do is to print business cards which must include the name of your rental, let’s say you choose the name “Fleet rent car”.

Equipped with a clear telephone number so you can hand out business cards to people around you as well for media promotion. That way, anyone who needs a car rental will contact you and you just contact your relationship.

c. Good marketing strategy
In starting a business certainly can never be separated from the name of marketing. However good marketing will greatly affect the success of your business.

Think of the various marketing strategies that you think will be able to attract consumers. One way you can do is to use the brochure. The brochure is one of the most effective media to promote your business.

d. Manage finances well
In order to translate its success in running a car rental business, then you have to be smart to organize your finances. Gather your income piecemeal thus, you will have more capital if one day you want to open your own rental car.

Starting a car rental business is not an easy business but also not practically very difficult. This is evidenced by the many car rental entrepreneurs who have been successful in running the business.

Not only is supported by capital alone, but in running a business of persistence and intention very large can be an important factor to make your business succeed.

So, by listening tips start the car rental business with a small capital, may be a motivation for you to participate in realizing your dream to be a great success even though you within cost limitations. source :

2015 men’s fashion trends

2015 men’s fashion trends – fashion trend certainly always changes from year to year, especially the problem of good clothes from the clothes and accessories pattern motif. Differences with his own pants … pants did not experience much change. Fashion style is not only applicable to women only because it turns out today’s modern man has also been aware of the trend of fashion styles in order to maximize the appearance shape that suits the personality and physical form.

2015 men's fashion trends

The problem of course is not only improve the appearance of dressing changes, but there are other things that are also duly to note. For example, as hair model, which also must be adjusted in order to mix and match with his appearance. This is important because a cool outfit could be meaningless if you look messy hairdo vice versa.

Here we describe the latest men’s fashion trends this year that is sure to make you more visible coll.

1. Tops Jeans

Currently, the trend of clothing is dominated by upper-based jeans shirt especially for your teenagers. Clothing Inio be treand as Seen from the many Hollywood artists who use these clothes for traveling. In addition, the appearance by using a shirt unbuttoned jeans without a more casual look, elegant and leads to a semi-formal. Kemaja-shirt as it can also be easily combined with a shirt and pants made of the same.
2. Patterned Shirt Line and Box

Because the Indonesian president also use fashion style like this, a striped shirt and this box has now become one of the treand clothing for men today, but in fact the president also took the style of fashion overseas community know. Such motifs can also disguise the body is too thin or too fat.

3. Clothing motif embroidery

Motif embroidery has become treand this year with embroidery that is not too crowded, this simple motif even make clothes look elegant. In addition, this motif also gives the impression of an kemeja flanel murah and high artistic beauty.

Apple Watch, Expensive Watches With Thousands Applications

Apple’s long-awaited lovers will watch now fulfilled with the advanced release of Apple’s official Watch on March 9, Monday. Along with these products too, also launched the latest generation of Apple’s Macbook increasingly sophisticated. Carrying high technology, of course, this watch has a fantastic price. The price offered depends on the series you choose. For the Sport series, with the use of aluminum material, these watches are resistant to impact. Available in silver and gray sporty with two sizes, 38 and 42 mm. Based on its size, this watch is priced at USD price range. 4.5 and Rp. 5.2 million. As for the regular series, there are 20 models of watches with no difference in the type of rope. Just like sports series, available in two size options each price range of Rp. 7 million and Rp. 7.8 million. Finally, for the Edition series or series of luxury with a layer of 18 carat gold per unit will be sold for about Rp. 130 million.

kemeja flanel pria

Watch Apple is more expensive when compared to other brands ever bring this clever clock models. However, due to the loyalty of Apple enthusiasts for products from the world’s leading companies still make the most awaited smart hours. Especially for applications that use more developed with the presence of a variety of new features that will not be found on other products in addition to the production of Apple.

Such features include a battery life that can last up to 18 hours for charging period only up to 2.5 hours.  Jam tangan KW super Applications that you will find on this watch is the latest application mostly amount to thousands of applications. Apple acknowledged the various applications being developed to fit the system of Apple’s watches have. Including various social media like instagram, Facebook, until WeChat also developing the application. As a standard capability, through this watch you can send messages, receive calls, as well as featuring GPS. However, for those of you who want to have it, Apple Watch was only sold to you previously have had an iPhone 5 or 6.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Faster With 4G LTE Support

Microsoft Lumia 640 is the latest product from Microsoft and Nokia are officially released this month. Unlike the previous series, the series Lumia 640 this time there are additional LTE on the back of his name. The use of LTE in the back of his name explains that this new smartphone has support 4G LTE as its supporting network for browsing. Network with the maximum speed that is now becoming available system in Indonesia. Network speed is reached 150/50 Mbps. For those of you that in place yet affordable 4G LTE network, this smartphone still supports access to GSM 2G and 3G HSPDA as a network.


In addition to getting the perfect networking features, the latest generation of Microsoft’s Lumia 640 has dimensions 141.3 x 72.2 x 8.8 mm with a weight of 145 grams and a SIM slot that uses a micro-SIM. The size of this dimension owned smartphones effect on the size of the screen. Where, for a comparison between the body and the screen on the Lumia 640 series with a standard 5-inch screen size is 67.6%. Support density of about 294 ppi screen with IPS LCD as a type of screen. This feature will make sharper screen. No lag, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 was used to protect the part of the screen.

The operating system used to use Windows Phone 8.1 as Microsoft’s products with the latest series. In addition to the application default, you can install a variety of other smartphone apps in the Windows App Store. Perfect support was also provided by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 400 for maximum results. Quad Core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 becomes processor that makes it easier and maximum performance when the application is run. Facilitated satisfactory storage capacity with 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM. For external memory capacity, you can use up to 128 GB of storage memory. Clear images can be generated by the camera shots that have a resolution of 8 MP for image size of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Features of this camera complete with LED flash, autofocus, and a 1/4 “sensor size. As for the video, you can record full-HD quality with 1080p resolution for 30 fps. In contrast to the very maximum main camera, front camera apparently only has a resolution of 1 MP only. In addition to sharing data using Wi-Fi, you can also use other components such as Bluetooth, USB, and NFC. For the quality of the voice or sound with a variety of media player, this smartphone has a maximum quality. Finally, for its capacity, Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE powered battery Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery for up to 864 hours of endurance.

Office Workplace Furniture Makes An Excellent Impression

For me, the only thing which makes an office look like an office is the commercial workplace furnishings. If you have gone to the office of any international company, you would definitely recognize just what I indicate. The modern-day high-end furnishings merely improve the self-respect of the offices and the site visitors feel like they are somewhere out of the world. In a similar way, the staff members are seen appreciating the total atmosphere of the workplace also.

Commercial Office Furniture ideas

Are you fed up with your normal house workplace as well as wish to have an excellent business office? Do you intend to thrill the customers the moment they step in your workplace? If your solution is in the affirmative, then you must begin the preparation activity for commercial office furnishings now!

Where to begin?

Bear in mind, it is your workplace and also you are the decision maker. You have complete liberty to make it resemble you want to. At the preliminary phase, there should be hundreds of suggestions whirling in your mind. There will certainly be several ifs and also buts making you eat your nails. The only thing that can assist you conquer the stress and anxiety is proper preparing.

Folks like me that are shopaholics will merely like this chance. What can be far better than scanning the entire neighborhood market advantageous products for your workplace? This is undoubtedly going to be the very best way to materialize your obsession to purchasing. There are hundreds of stores in the marketplace that sell workplace furniture at different costs. Now this is test of your purchasing abilities. If you manage to get the very best furniture at the best price, you should have an applause!

When I started acquiring furniture for my office, I assessed the workplace just before visiting the marketplace. This kept me on course as I was able to buy the things that could effortlessly suit. The huge furnishings companies will also help you in getting the ideal dimension furniture.

There are lots of on-line furniture stores as well yet I am directly against them. You could get some deals and also discount offers however you just can not ignore the shipping costs that will put a big hole in your budget plan. Later, when the furniture shows up, you will certainly need an individual to mount it (unless you are getting chairs!). The neighborhood furniture companies could send out a helper also but you can not expect this facility from any kind of online shop!

Something for every person

Excellent industrial office furniture will certainly not simply make you feel excellent yet it will certainly help in producing a pleasurable atmosphere in the office. You will never want your workers to be grumbling about their back problems as well as placing blame on your bad choice of chairs. Acquiring top quality chairs may cost you a lot initially yet you will certainly never ever regret on the decision in future. I strongly count on “a pleased employee is a productive employee” and also one way to achieve this is acquiring the best workplace furniture.

Although it is you which can choose the overall theme and tone of your workplace, you have to maintain your workers’ viewpoint in mind as well.

To get even more suggestions and also fantastic rates on modern commercial office furniture or contemporary home office furnishings, make sure to visit our internet site at

BUSINESS way home food business

Tips on How Enterprises BUSINESS COOKIES food home more desirable than the cake, an online system to facilitate the marketing of pastries. Running a business pastries in Indonesia has the prospect of a very large and promising considering habits Indonesian people who love snacking. Especially when before the special days such as Eid, Christmas, and New Year. Sales could be me bobbing three to five times.


Additionally, cookies also have durability for long enough to reach the 6 months-1 year, so the risk to lose somewhat smaller than the wet cake business that only lasted no more than 5 days.

To be able to survive running a business venture that promises include increasing sales turnover, Chris Hardijaya, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association Bakery, has some tips to do businesses.
Ways Business

BUSINESS food COOKIES COOKIES home food Enterprises – First, consistently maintaining the quality and brand built. With the rising prices of raw materials, it would be better if businesses grosir baju rajut pastries home food businesses raise prices slightly while maintaining its quality compared to maintain the price, but the quality of the dry cake slump.

BUSINESS way home food business COOKIES – Second, that consumers do not get bored with pastries on offer, businesses pastries home business must continue to innovate with new flavor cake issuing variations that could be one way to increase sales turnover.

BUSINESS way home food business COOKIES – Third, this time the community has been increasingly concerned with a healthy diet. Businesses operating a home-based food businesses need to pay attention to it so it could be an important point that the resulting dry cake can still be accepted by society.
As is known, currently there are trends pastries candy pop that highlight colors. As well as the ever trendy rainbow cake last year, the type of cake to ring candy
The pop is not expected to last long.

Schedule Ultimate Body Contest

Month November 2015 In Pekanbaru  As schedules Ultimate Body Contest (UBC) in november 2014 pekanbaru will be the host of the.

fitnes pria

UBC in Pekanbaru in november 2014 a series to 9 wherein each series is done in crystal x asli various major cities in Indonesia and pekanbaru will be the next series before it closed in Jakarta in December next.
For his Right Schedule Implementation Pekanbaru Ultimate Body Contest 2015 will be held:
Date: 16 November 2014

Place: Building Juang Home MTQ

For contested categories are:
1. NB (New Beginning)
2. UB (Ultimate Body)
3. US (All Season)
And most importantly for those who want to participate body contest in the coming november pekanbaru no age limit. And do not miss her now as to SHOW TIME. Thus information about Ultimate Body Contest Schedule Month November 2015 In Pekanbaru may be useful for all readers.